Monday, November 25, 2013

Tennessee River

Tenneessee River
Oil   9x12
I thought I would share with you a couple more paintings from my class with Roger Dale Brown that I discussed in my last post.  This is from another photo that Roger took in Tennessee.  We did some painting in class and some on location.  It was a great landscape class. 
The Chestatee on Frog Hollow (Series)
Oil    9x12
This painting was done on location in Roger's class--just another view of the Chestatee with its rapids and rocks.  I showed more of the trees in this painting than I have in previous ones, but think I like it better when I focus more on the water and rocks and minimize the trees. 
We have our annual gingerbread house decorating party tonight.  We have dinner and then the grandchildren start on their creations.  It's a fun evening that we all look forward to.  Maybe I'll get some photos posted. 
Happy Thanksgiving Week!  I'm thankful for all of you!!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fall on the River

Fall on the River
Oil   8x10
This is a painting I did in a class I was taking from Roger Dale Brown earlier this year.  Roger is a nationally and internationally known artist--is a member of the Oil Painters of America and published in several magazines.  It was a privilege to study with him.  This was done from one of his photos that he had taken in his hometown of Franklin, Tennessee.  It was taken at the beginning of fall so there were still quite a bit of green in the trees. 
The Rock on the Chestatee River
Oil   8x10
This painting was done in the same class except that it was painted on location "en plein aire".  Painting on location is a bit more challenging as you have so much information in front of you and you have to condense it down to an 8x10 or whatever size canvas you working on.  Roger did a demonstration first and focused on the huge rock that was in the river.  I chose to do the same painting as my purpose in taking the class was to learn his technique and apply it while I had the opportunity to ask for advice from him.  I've painted this section of the river about a half dozen times and hope to paint it again in the future.  Such a beautiful location.
Have a great weekend!  

Monday, November 18, 2013

Yellow Boat and more . . . 

Yellow Boat
Oil   5x7
Another boat painting that I enjoy so much.  This painting was done exclusively with a palette knife.  Last year, I painted almost entirely with a palette knife for about 9 months.  The reason I went back to brush painting is because I was about to take a class and wasn't even sure if I knew how to paint with a brush and decided I'd better do some practicing.  After that, I've painted almost entirely with a brush.  It is fun to have both at my disposal.  I do still sometimes now do an entire painting with the knife and it's also great to lay in fresh pops of pure color and for highlights.  If I find I am "fiddling" with the painting too much, I will get out my knife and add some fresh color and leave it without working it to death.  See below for more . . .
My Studio
and a few of my favorite things
Thought you might be interested in seeing my little corner of the world.  This is where I spend a lot of time and strive to spend more.  I will admit that I've spent very little the last few weeks and probably not much the remainder of the year as we gear up for the holidays.  Don't want to miss any holiday activities.  I was also trying to capture the fall color out the window.  This was last week--now the leaves are pretty much gone.  One day they were just raining leaves--slowly floating to the ground.  It was so beautiful and peaceful to watch.  See below for more . . .
My Palette Knives or Painting Knives
Several of you have asked what is a palette knife, so here they are.  They look like little offset spatulas, or for you guys, putty knives.  Just pick up some paint on the edge and pretend you are frosting a cake.  I use the one at the bottom of the photo the most--#44.  They are fun to use.  Give them a try.  See below for more . . .
A few of my favorite paints
Love these colors--um, that might be a painting.   Hope you've enjoyed a little glimpse into my painting world.  I'll be glad to answer any questions you might have any time. 
Have a wonderful week!  Thank you for hanging in with me even though I abandon you at times.  My apologies for that.  The best part of art is sharing it with friends and family who have a love and appreciation for it.  That would be you!  I sincerely appreciate your interest!



Monday, November 4, 2013

Autumn on the Marsh

Autumn on the Marsh
Oil  8x10
Another marsh painting--something I love to paint.  When we go to beach, I take as many photos as possible so that I have plenty of inspiration until I return.  I like the fall colors and even the sky has those wonderful soft oranges. 
The leaves are just beginning to get colorful here, and as I crossed over the lake this morning, the colors were reflecting so beautifully in the water.  I see "paintings" everywhere I look.  Hope you, too, are enjoying this beautiful season.
Come back and visit and bring a friend!