Monday, April 7, 2014

Bird Nest

Bird Nest
Oil  6 x 6

It's time to start nesting.  The birds are so happy it's spring and so are we.  We love sitting on the porch and watching the birds fly back and forth busily building their nests.  It seems like so much work, I would just love to give them a hand, but that would be interfering with Mother Nature.  I love bird nests!  I've collected a few.  This one is rather unruly with all the sticks sticking out of it, but I thought it made for an interesting painting.  I made the eggs in this nest from Sculpey clay and painted them.  They're really a soft blue but show up much bluer in my photo.  I have a few more bird nests in my collection just waiting to be painted and what better time to paint nests than springtime!  

Enjoy a beautiful spring day today!


  1. I love that you made the eggs, to fun, This is a darling painting, the loose bush strokes are fabulous. I can tell that you had fun painting it. Cheers!