Monday, August 5, 2013

Watercolor Journal  -  Cherries

Watercolor  5x7
I have painted in watercolor for many years but never started a watercolor journal.  The purpose of a journal is to make quick sketches of places and things you want to remember and possibly use for future paintings.  Watercolor is a great medium for adding color to those sketches. 
While we were traveling to Florida in June for vacation, I decided to pass the time by sketching these cherries that had caught my attention in a photograph.  This was my first attempt at painting "on the go".  Some people paint things they pass along the highway.  My memory is not that good--a photo in front of my face works better.  Even with a few jerks and bumps, there were no major mishaps and I was pleased with my experiment in "travel painting".  I  thoroughly enjoyed it.  This may become a habit. 
Happy Monday!  

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