Monday, March 24, 2014

Eggplants and Yellow Pepper

Eggplants with Yellow Pepper
Oil  6 x 6

I do love to paint eggplants--love their shape and beautiful purple color.  Peppers are a favorite also.  These little beauties actually came from our garden.  As always, when interesting food enters our house, the first order of business is to either paint it or photograph it for a future painting which is the case here.  This was painted primarily with a palette knife to get some interesting texture going on.  It won't be long until gardening season and lots of beautiful fruits and vegetables to paint.  

Just want to remind you that my exhibit is still hanging at Peach State Bank & Trust in Gainesville, Georgia.  If you're local, be sure and stop by to check it out.  I have a few of the snowman paintings on exhibit there also.  Almost all paintings are for sale.  

Thank you for stopping by today!