Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stone Steps  Oil  8x10
This painting was done en plein aire (French for "in fresh air").  After taking a plein aire class, I set up my easel in front of our stone steps leading to the lower level of our flower garden.  Actually, I should say my husband's flower garden, as he is the horticulturist.  It was a challenge trying to do justice to these beautiful steps.  It was a sunny day, and I wanted to capture the sun striking the tops of the stones.
Painting en plein aire is quite different from studio painting as you have so much information in front of you and a decision has to be made as to how much to include.  The light doesn't stay the same for very long and there always insects and other obstacles to consider.  Even so, it is so nice to be outside on a beautiful day, and nature is a great teacher. 
I appreciate your visit!

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