Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 25 -- 30 Day Challenge

Bird of Paradise
Oil   6x6
I remember when I was growing up, my aunt in Alabama always had Bird of Paradise in her flower garden.  She would take it into the plant house in the winter.  I always thought the flowers were so exotic and fascinating and I haven't changed my mind.  They are so beautiful with their unusual shape and bright colors, and they do look like a bird. 
It was a bit of a challenge to paint trying to work in all those wonderful colors and spikey shapes.  I started out painting with a brush--then changed to a palette (painting) knife and back to a brush. 
Only 5 days to go on this challenge.  It seemed so daunting when I first decided to sign up.  I thought I must be crazy to even consider it, but I can't wait to paint every day.  My "to do" list of household chores is growing each day, but so far, I've been able to ignore it. 
Thank you all for coming along with me.  It has meant more to me than you will ever know.  

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