Friday, January 3, 2014

Long Tall Skinny - Day 3 of 30 in 30

Long Tall Skinny
Pastel  4x8
This little fellow didn't over eat during the holidays and is in great shape.  Lovin' that blue hat.  Guess what?  Last night the wind was howling and I looked out the window and it was snowing!  Well, it was snow flurries, but still it was snow!  My wish almost came true.  But not a flake this morning.  Okay Mr. Snowman, I'm still wishing for that blanket of the white stuff.
We're already on Day 3.  If you want to see lots of talented artist, check out Leslie's website at .  She has lots of artist participating in the 30 Day Challenge.  Leslie does lots to promote her fellow artists and is so generous with her time and efforts to help us all. 
Hope you are having a great first week of 2014!


  1. We've got plenty of the white stuff here and it's cold enough to freeze this snowman's nose off! Love this tall, skinny guy!

  2. I've enjoyed your snowmen. Kind of makes me want to give pastels another chance, I particularly like the detail in this guys scarf. Look forward to following your future creations!

  3. Thank you Bill! I appreciate your comments and support. Thank you for following me. I'm skipping over right now to check out your creations.

  4. I love the snowmen!