Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Conductor  -- 30 Day Painting Challenge  -- Day 29

Guess what?  28 snowman paintings and we FINALLY got snow yesterday--about 1 1/2 inches, but hey, it's the white fluffy stuff and we haven't seen any in a couple of years, so you could say we are excited!!! I had almost given up, but here it is--beautiful!  Oh yes, we got a bonus(???)--19 degrees last night deep in the heart of Dixie! Last week, it was 11 degrees.  Let me tell you, our snow people are lovin' it!
This good looking fella in his green duds just looks so much like he is conducting an orchestra--thus the title.  As soon as I looked at those graceful arms, I just knew he could conduct a great piece of music.  Plus, he's dressed for a night to remember!  Did you notice that he even conducted the snow to fall in the same color as his attire!?!  Cool!
After the high of Monday's announcement of the lucky winner--I'm so glad we've got a special snowman to lead us into the last day of the Challenge.  We needed him to see us through.  


  1. I am guessing I didn't win but I still love them. Let me know if you do Christmas cards. I would like an assortment. Of course, I would need to know the price first or maybe just notecards and I could put my own Christmas greetings in them.

  2. Perfect title. So excited to be home and out of the snow!!

  3. Awe, he's such a cutie. He looks like he's dancing. So happy you finally got snow!