Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day

Snow Day
Pastel  6 x 8 

We woke up again this morning to fresh blanket of snow--so beautiful clinging to the tree branches and making a winter wonderland of everything.  Businesses and schools have closed and most people settled down into a slower mode of life for a couple of days.   This is such an unusual event in this section of the country, and the children are making the most of it using their snow days to have a blast.  I have really enjoyed watching them sliding down the hills and squealing with delight every inch of the way. This painting is of my grandson and a neighbor child enjoying their day in the snow.  

I can already see blue sky peeking through and temperature is supposed to start rising, so I wanted to get this snow painting posted before ole frosty melts away and we all return to our everyday, busy lives.  

Hope you are enjoying your winter snowy day in a warm, safe place!  

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  1. Does Georgia know that it is your fault that they are getting all of this snow??